Taking guidance from the trees

We are all drawn to different trees for different reasons. If you stand in a field filled with trees there is always one which stands out more – it seems to instantly connect with you.

If you focus on the tree, thoughts may spring to mind or you could feel inspired to do something.

You can recreate that moment when drawing upon tree energy at home by sitting quietly and imagining yourself back amongst the trees. Visualise them, take your time. What is it you like about the tree? It’s leaf shape, the way the leaves move in the wind, it’s bark pattern or the colour of its blossom?

If you can’t get out into the countryside maybe there is a photo of a tree you just adore, or a piece of artwork that catches your eye.

Notice how you are feeling and what emotions are being stirred. What thoughts do you have? This is how a tree connects with you to share its wisdom and offer healing.

It’s exciting to discover a tree’s unique story,  energies and healing properties – so often they are exactly what you need to help with a certain part of your life.

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Inspiration to creation

Embarking on your own creative journey allows you to be honest with yourself and explore aspects of your life more deeply. Recreating the image of your special tree physically can help you focus on areas of your life that need healing. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a great masterpiece, the creative process is healing in itself. This is the simple process I use when creating my artwork.

Just see where the pen takes you and what colours you are drawn to.

About studio 1

Draw the tree’s core first, starting with the trunk and branches, paying attention to shape and bark patterns.
Imagine the tree’s soul as you do this.

Then add its leaves - again noticing their shape (are they smooth or do they have jagged edges?) - and any fruit or flowers.
These represent the tree’s unique personality traits.

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Finally, add splashes of colour, whatever you feel drawn to, filling in the background first and then more concentrated colours for detail. This is how the tree shows up to the outside world.

Take time to reflect on your creation. What do you think it says about the tree and how does it relate to aspects of your life? What insights did you get whilst drawing your tree?