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Growing up in leafy Warwickshire was a dream. I had the countryside on my doorstep and plenty of trees to catch my imagination.

My grammar school education led me to study art, English and theatre at college and university and I would often draw on nature to inspire my creativity.

After graduating from Exeter University I became a journalist. Despite having a colourful and demanding career in journalism (specialising in the arts), I still found time to escape to the woodlands or walk amongst the trees to relax and hide myself away to draw and paint. I often visited the grounds of Blenheim Palace as the ancient oaks offered great solace and inspiration – in fact it was the Blenheim Oak that prompted the current collection of Healing Trees.

However, I began to visit the trees less and less as I focussed more on my work. Eventually my career-led lifestyle had a major impact on my health.

In 2018, having survived a life-threatening illness, I knew something had to change. I reconnected with nature and trees and started drawing again. I began studying the different healing properties of trees and created my own tree art to draw on those energies to help my recovery.

My drawings became popular and friends and family wanted to buy them, some because they liked the designs and some because they too wanted tree healing energy in their homes.

From this little acorn Sandy’s Trees has grown and I now feel happy, as if I have returned to my true path, with the trees always by my side guiding me.

In addition to original pieces, I sell limited edition prints, cards and bespoke gift items

In the Studio

Second to being out in the countryside and woodlands, I’m happiest in my studio.

I always like to find out as much as I can about the trees I am drawing before I start work and usually will have visited my subject in its natural habitat and taken copious photographs for inspiration back in the studio.

As well as focusing on the physical appearance of the tree, I intuitively try to reflect on its healing energies as well within my work.

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If the tree drawing is a commission, I find out its story, why the tree holds a special place in someone’s heart, as well as working from photographs. I will also tune into the tree’s special qualities and healing properties.

Do you have a special tree you would like to commission?

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