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Blenheim Oak

Blenheim Oak

Original - £300 -SOLD
Limited edition Giclee prints from £40

This was the first tree of the series, and was really the acorn that grew into Sandy’s Trees (see about info). The mighty oak, as well as being ‘king’ of the forest, has a wide range of qualities which are used for healing purposes.

This wonderful tree was a very strong influence in my life. It can aid the spirit and soul of those working with it, especially if they have become unbalanced and strained at a core level through mental or physical dis-ease.

It helps you persevere despite set-backs, and it centralizes energies to help you find your way.

Being surrounded by oaks can offer you protection and warmth; and physically because its hard and close-grained wood can last for centuries, it is often used in the construction of buildings and bridges, as well as furniture.