Win me!

Untitled design (73)

If you can also identify the town where I live there will be an additional draw for two goody bags of £50 worth of Sandy’s Trees goodies.

Would you like to own one of Sandy’s original tree drawings? Well now is your chance.

All you have to do is answer the simple question and your name will be entered into a prize draw.

The first name to be drawn out will win this artwork.

Email entries can be submitted by clicking on the button below and the competition closed at 6pm on 4th July. Good Luck!

What am I?

I like to dance playfully on the water’s edge and so you often find me along riverbanks. My roots spread far in their quest for water. My bark and leaves have been used in medicine to help with pain and when made into a concoction you can even use them to treat dandruff!

My branches are often used by outdoor workers as they are so flexible and artists like to create objects with me. In the past, my wood was used in the construction of coracles, fast-sailing naval boats and for the bottom of quarry carts. My wood is strong.

My magical energies can help you gain clarity about a specific situation, especially through meditation and I’m really good at spreading harmony – reminding you to always treat others and yourself with kindness and love. I will send you my healing love and if you need my support you can feel my hug! I help you to learn to forgive yourself and others to create harmony in your community.

I encourage creativity, whether it be bringing ideas to mind or enhancing your own artist work. Writers, poets and artists have often found solace under my branches. In fact Shakespeare comes from the same town where I reside, on the banks of the Avon. I’m pictured here with just one of my friends, but there are many of us here.