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'Crimson Cloud’ English Hawthorn

'Crimson Cloud' English Hawthorn

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With its glossy green leaves and stunning pink flowers often with speckles of white, the Crimson Cloud Hawthorn reminds us how beautiful nature is and how uplifting it can be, even on a grey day. As a tree, the English hawthorn is less spikey and more knobbly than the bush variety, and it carries a wonderful scent in the summer.

To many country folk and travellers in days gone by it was known as the ‘bread and cheese’ tree, this was because leaves eaten from the hawthorn were thought to have given as much energy as a plate of the foods.

It has wonderful healing qualities, both physically and mentally, promoting both growth and health. Shortly after drawing this tree, I was delighted to find an almost identical hawthorn standing proud in the middle of a pasture at Broadway Tower. I felt as if I’d been given an insight into the miracles of everyday life - one of the qualities this tree encourages as it reminds us to open our eyes to see the magic of the universe.

If you connect with a hawthorn, it has the power to protect you on many levels. It is a very magical tree, and can bring magic to you if you just ask.