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Rowan Tree (with Robin)

Rowan Tree (with Robin)

Original - £195
Limited edition Giclee prints from £40

I started exploring the Rowan tree because of a writing project I was working on. I felt a strong draw to its healing energies… so much so that I planted one in my garden.

Late in the year when its berries are being eaten up by birds building up their strength for their flights, the tree also builds up its strength – preparing it for its most magical and powerful phase during winter. In ancient times it was regarded the tree of life because, as well as it’s astringent and antibiotic qualities, it is thought of as a great healing tree for both spirit and soul.

Meditating with the calming energy it oozes will certainly relax you and allow you to let go of stress and troubling situations. It renews our purpose, helps us heal at a deep level and gives us strength to continue on our journey. It gives protection on a spiritual and physical level and can also help develop your intuition but also warns to keep your wits about you. A situation or person may not be as it/they first appear.