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The Sweet Japanese Maple

Sweet Japanese Maple

Original - £195
Limited edition Giclee prints from £40

Play amongst the leaves of a Maple Tree and it will bestow positive energy to you, sweetening life. This tree is a symbol of elegance, beauty and grace.

It can help you embrace challenges and change wholeheartedly, reminding you to approach everything with an open mind and versatility. I’ve tried to capture this playfulness within this piece, with the brightly coloured leaves and curling of the truck and branches. I was inspired by the shape of a beautiful Acer Tree (which has similar shaped leaves and qualities) which stands joyfully at the front of my home.

Physically, the sap from the trunk of a maple can be made into a natural syrup, the leaves contain tannins with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and astringent action which has been long used in treating eye ailments. Also flavonoids and potassium contained in various parts of the tree can improve liver function.