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The Camphor Tree

The Camphor Tree

Original - £150
Limited edition Giclee prints from £40

I hadn’t come across the Camphor Tree until recently when I happened upon a reference to its anti-microbial properties and uses for clearing nasal and lung congestion.

With the current challenges of the world, I thought it would be a good tree to have around – and so I drew one. Delving deeper, this tree also has energies to help you see situations more clearly, not just with your mind but getting a sense of how things really are from your heart too. If you practise some slow and steady breathing when meditating with this image if brings a gentle peace to help you gain a greater understanding of any difficulties you face.

Sometimes it is worth just standing back and looking at the bigger picture rather than just focussing on one small aspect.

For centuries this tree has been considered a powerful protector from evil and often it was planted around a dwelling to repel unwanted visitors. Its prickly leaves were thought to keep evil spirits at bay. Its magical energies remind you not to confuse fact with fiction and to always seek and speak the truth in any situation.