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Walnut, Tree of Prophecy

Walnut, Tree of Prophecy

Original - £175
Limited edition Giclee prints from £40

If you want to know if an area is good for you to live in, plant a Walnut Tree. Legend has it that if it thrives and prospers it is prophesying good-fortune and well-being. But if it withers it could mean ill-health in the neighbourhood.

It is no surprise then that some of its healing energies are particularly good to encourage confidence and success in new ventures or business. Connecting to it, the walnut will give you support you as you embrace change or forge new relationships, and help you gain inner strength and longevity, which is reflected in the boldness of the drawing.

This tree has been widely cultivated for both its beautiful timber and delicious nuts. Both the leaves and the bark of this tree have been used for centuries to counter various skin conditions. Again, I sketched this at a significant stage in my business and life development.