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Winter Silver Birch

Winter Silver Birch

Original - £175
Limited edition Giclee prints from £40

This silver birch stands alone because it focuses on different healing energies to the two birches also featured.

If the rain is beating down on the branches and trunk of a silver birch and you are standing close by, the bark gives off a clean and pure fragrance. If strips of the bark are burned in a small fire clear blue flame provides a scent in the air.

It’s not surprising then that the qualities this tree brings helps encourage a fresh start, casting off negative and harmful behaviours from the past, something that was very appropriate when I was drawing it.

It is cleansing and asks you not only to cleanse your mind, but also to pay attention to what you are eating and drinking, focusing on nourishing foods to maintain your best health -something many of us neglect when feeling the pressures of everyday life.